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WordPress Theme - Simplified Pro

Simplified Pro

Just as the name implies, Simplified Pro is built for pure simplicity to keep managing your blog effortlessly and not get bogged down by excessive features that you will never use.  Simplified Pro is a light & bright blog theme, tailored to showcase your content in a clear concise way. We've given you a broad range of  popular features such as 14 blog layouts, several full post views, built-in widgets, and a lot more. Clean contemporary design is guaranteed to wow and inspire everyone who visited your website!

Purchase Options

You have several purchase options available so that you can choose what works best for you. For more details, check out the PRICING page.

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Key Features of Simplified Pro

Here are a several key features of the Simplified Pro WordPress theme, but not limited to what it offers!

  • feature blog styles
    14 Blog Layouts

    You get up to 14 blog styled layouts to give you a ton of options to display your posts.

  • feature boxed
    Boxed Layouts

    Choose full width or use the boxed theme setting to choose how wide to make your boxes layouts.

  • feature page background
    Custom Page Background

    Choose a background colour for your pages or opt in for a beautiful page photo of your choice.

  • feature dynamic sidebars
    13 Sidebar Positions

    Not only do you get 13 sidebar positions, but you also get dynamic width that self-adjusts.

  • feature post formats
    Post Formats

    Categorize your posts with image, gallery, video, quote, aside, link, and audio post formats with linked tags.

  • feature unlimited colours
    Unlimited Colours

    If you don't like the colours, you can easily change them with the built-in colour selectors and personalize it your way.

  • feature social media
    Social Media Menu

    Add your personal social media page links to the special menu location we've setup for you.

  • feature thumbnail creation
    Create Post Thumbnails

    Each blog style layout includes a option to enable automatic post featured thumbnail creation. This helps keep your blog consistent in style.

  • feature item simplifed recent
    Custom Recent Posts Widget

    Showcase recent posts with our recent posts widget which includes the date and a thumbnail photo.

Standard Features

  • Ongoing Updates

    We keep all themes up-to-date with bug fixes, adjustments, and even new features that get added.

  • Mobile Responsive

    We make it a standard for all our themes that they can easily be viewable in a variety of mobile devices from phones, to tablets, all the way up to large desktop screens.

  • Theme Customizer

    To give you the flexibility of changing theme colours and setting up your options, the built-in WordPress Customizer gives you the flexibility to make changes.

  • Dynamic Sidebars

    Every theme has sidebars, but what makes our themes different is the ability to have your widgets resize based on how many are published to a given sidebar group.

  • Setup Documentation

    Installing a theme is one thing but having detailed documentation with step-by-step instructions and screenshots is a great way to help you get started.

  • Premium Support

    Having a great theme is one thing but we strongly believe having great support is just as important.